Project Management

You do not have your own CCCD Competence Center Corporate Development or a unit GBS Global Business Services with a whole troop of young, extremely dynamic and theoretically highly qualified, but practically inexperienced consultants, who are now suitably ready and just waiting to support you as internal service providers in finding solutions for the challenges of the CFO area and to explore and think through innovative concepts for your controlling, accounting and human resources systems and your financial organization together with you?

You have neither the budget nor the desire to bring a fine renowned team of consultants in-house to this extent?


You want a practitioner who can find a good solution to a problem, clarify your construction site, manage and control your project or simply bring about proper progress in a management area in a cost-effective, efficient and speedy manner.

Who speaks plain language, works unpretentiously and simply does.


Then I will gladly take care of your project personally and with heart and mind. Alone or together with you and / or the responsible specialists and executives in your company, who, after successful project completion, then continue the business in the day-to-day business on their own, but with practice.


I accompany you in projects concerning


  • ERP systems – from the specifications, the process definitions, in the selection of a suitable system or an individual system, over the implementation, the technical and organizational as well as personnel start-up up to the real-time use. 
  • Restructuring and process optimization in all departments of the commercial division
  • M+A activities from the research and market and competitor analysis, the proposal and offer phase, the company valuation / purchase price management and negotiation, the legal and business due diligence, through the purchase with all contractual regulations and the purchase price payment modalities, the takeover (or also sale) of the company as well as the short-term integration into your organization and your systems and last but not least the tactical as well as strategic development of the new acquisition in your group.


Of course, this requires profound analyses, innovative ideas, a good / clear definition of objectives, the right strategy and pragmatic measures.

To the extent that is necessary and reasonable for your task. No more and by no means less.

You can assume a professional project organization, a very good and clean pre-planning, a systematic approach and the consistent implementation.