Gödde Unternehmensberatung

Karsten Gödde

As a business graduate, I worked for many years as CFO and commercial manager / authorized signatory in various, mostly medium-sized companies and in smaller corporate groups in mechanical engineering, trade and b2c factoring.

As a generalist, I have always successfully and independently managed the entire commercial department and have often – systematically as well as creatively – done development work.

With good business sense I am internally as well as externally appreciated as energetic, very well structured and analytical as well as absolutely trustworthy.

I would be happy to name references who know me from my previous activities, if required.

I am very interested in technology of any kind and have a good understanding of it.

I am an optimist, enthusiastic about my tasks and am able to convey this positively to my employees, colleagues and business partners as well as throughout the company.

As a senior businessman and as a consultant, my obligation and my self-image is to act and act in the best interests of the company to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Doing what is necessary …

I speak plainly, act pragmatically and drive the issues forward. With a clear eye for what is feasible. Sustainable and focused on the essential.

My way of working results from the task of the respective situation with adapted characteristics: Always clever, if necessary hard-boiled. Creative. Imaginative. Systematic, conscientious and goal-oriented.

My leadership style is friendly but determined, very clear and result-oriented, shirt-sleeved, straightforward and direct. I am absolutely energetic.


From my business studies and the theory of economics I have taken and internalized a methodical approach:
targets – strategies – measures.

After many years of professional experience and in continuous application, quasi as my personal primal law of economic logic, I can state that this is an excellent and effective principle to economic success.  

In addition to my professional activities, I was and still am involved in volunteer work.

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