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Consulting individually for you

If you are looking for target-oriented expertise for a commercial topic or a commercial professional for a burning problem, who will take on your task with heart and mind, please contact me.


for a limited period of time ...

You need temporarily / as a transitional solution a very experienced, reliable and absolutely trustworthy full-blooded businessman to lead and control your company or your entire commercial area. Independently and with the utmost self-initiative.

For a few weeks or months. Available at short notice. With the fastest on-the-job induction.

A pragmatic generalist who works operationally and strategically in the interest of the company. Immediately.

Reorganization, crisis management

for a special situation ...

A critical situation is looming or you are already in an extremely unpleasant situation.

You are just leaving the playing field you know with the familiar rules …


Procrastinating, doubting and complaining will not help. You have to act decisively and master the crisis!

This requires special skills, resilience, additional resources, professional help.

Pull out all the stops!


Get a tough-minded professional. At your side. On your side. A fighter, doer and true optimist.

Commercial management FI/CO/HR

for qualified continuous support ...

Your commercial department works – passably or somehow.

But it has not grown with the business or it lacks the desired, the necessary horizon in your company size.

You expect impulses, systematic and creative changes. You want ongoing improvements, more performance, a strategic view, professional leadership, ambitious goals and constant development “state of art”.


Strengthen yourself with external continuous consulting or coaching in the necessary scope. Goal and result oriented.

Project Management

for a special topic ...

If for a unique, important, demanding or time-critical project the own personnel and / or technical resources are missing: Reinforce yourself with a professional! A top specialist from the field or a project manager, who accompanies you and the project optimally. Skillfully controls. Drives the project forward with energy.

Always with an eye on time and costs. So that this, your project is realized economically successful. The set goals are achieved. The ROI fits.