Interim CFO

Interim-CFO: Immediately on board, attuned to your company and your particular situation in the shortest possible time.

Your specification / my performance: Acting as quickly as possible with a high degree of efficiency.


Based on my extensive professional and management experience of many years, as an Interim-CFO I perform the standard tasks of a regular CFO / commercial director as well as special tasks of the commercial management in the shortest possible time.


For a limited period of time to bridge your gap or until the solution of your special issue.

I have very good knowledge in the areas of finance / accounting (balance-safe HGB and IFRS), controlling / planning / calculation and personnel management.

In the areas of contracts / law, commercial project management, IT / organization incl. digitalization of business processes, purchasing / logistics / import, risk management, compliance, auditing and law I have gained good experience in direct responsibility or task-related.

Most of the commercial tasks are therefore very familiar to me from practical experience. I have always been able to familiarize myself quickly with new topics and industry peculiarities.


As an Interim-CFO I can serve you in various situations:


  • To bridge an unplanned gap until the position is filled properly.

You will hardly be able to get your desired CFO on board immediately. With an interim CFO, you can avoid the time pressure until the strategically appropriate appointment. At the same time, you and your commercial department will be kept up to date and your desired candidate will not start with a backlog and with delayed worksites. This strategically important function in your company will not remain unoccupied even temporarily.


  • As a specialist for difficult times.

I have excellent expertise to drive a necessary transformation, a turnaround or a restructuring quickly and decisively. So that your company does not lose valuable time.

Risk, change and crisis management in particular are the areas I am most familiar with after hard years of experience.


  • Accompanying or leading in change situations: Competent in change management and transformation processes.

Unpopular goals and strategies can be better developed and implemented by an external party.  Painful measures are more easily accepted by employees than by an old familiar superior, who may in addition be subject to other moral / mental constraints or “burned” after a change process. The same applies to relationships with other business partners.


  • Initiate and accompany mergers or M&A activities.

After the purchase process, the integration into the group, into your organization and your systems begins. You need a businessman in the new subsidiary whom you can trust and who will plant your interests in the overall picture, right down to the smallest cell of the acquired entity, and who will skilfully nurture the process of growing together. Your man on the scene. Perhaps there is also a lack of knowledge or a need for a personnel reboot in the new acquisition for a quick successful joint start. Equipped with all necessary powers and competences for the defined period of the integration phase.